Looking for a Yoga training during week days... in English ? 

VINIYOGA teacher training  

Session 2024-2026 



 Diploma recognised by VINIYOGA INTERNATIONAL, the only official international federation bringing together the teachings of 
T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar,

by the International Association of Yoga (IAY) of the Indian Ministry. 

FInd out more about the recognition of our diplomas 

Would you like to UNDERSTAND Yoga ? 
 Why the postures are good for you?

Would you like TO TEACH postures correcty and know how to ADAPT them ?

Looking to discover the

Looking to go DEEPER in your studies?
Visit the texts with rigour, modernity and lightness? 
Are you looking for an 
AUTHENTIC Yoga teaching that respects each individual practitioner ? 

With Philip Rigo, philosopher & Indianist

Expert trainer in YOGA
 Guide and explorer of Indian culture
Mentor on your path of transformation

AND a committed team.  

In a spacious, bright, soothing, serene and accessible centre
dedicated to Viniyoga (Ixelles, Place Flagey). 

 No need to be flexible as Viniyoga is the adaptation of Yoga to the practitioner

 In-person classes on Mondays and Tuesdays


Monday to Tuesday from 8.30am to 3pm


Outside international school holidays


20 course days per year

+/- 220 hours of training over 2 years

 Training starts in September 2024

 Full schedule aviable on request

Did you know that it takes between six months and a year just to get your breathing into sync?  

Yet this is the simplest basis for practising yoga. 

It takes two years to integrate the fundamental tools of Yoga in your life. 

More and more health professionals (doctors, nurses, physical and mental therapists...) trust us
 to understand the holistic approach to the body through yoga

The programme

Basic techniques


Philosophical foundations

Individual follow-up


Vedic chanting


Detailed programme

OBJECTIVE: To be able to apply, adapt or modify techniques to suit each individual student.

The viniyāsa-krama 

Yoga for different ages

The classification of postures 

The subtle effects of the postures 

The subtle anatomy of yoga 

The holistic theory of the cakras and the influence of yoga on them 

Designing sessions to suit a target audience 

The different types of yoga

The idea of karma and karma-yoga 

Introduction to āyurveda and the doṣa (vāta, pitta, kapha)

The guṇa (sattva, rajas and tamas) and their cycle

The role of yoga in balancing the doṣa

Yoga definitions 

The definitions of āsana

The basic concepts of Patañjali's Yoga-Sūtra (the first two chapters)

The difference between consciousness and matter (puruṣa and prakṛti)

Introduction to the great basic texts (Haṭha-Yoga-Pradīpika, Bhagavad-Gītā, Yoga-Rahāsya)

The irreconcilable differences between Yoga and Buddhism (sat-vāda and pariṇāma-vāda)

The basics of Haṭha-Yoga

The basics of Aṣṭāṅga-Yoga 

The definition of Viniyoga 

The definition and role of mantras 

The role of the kleśa and their expressions 

The veda and the 6 great darśana

Is yoga a religion?

Is yoga a medicine? 

The notion of trust 

The qualities of a yoga student 

The qualities of a yoga teacher 

The 40 basic postures: form, applications, variations, intensifications and combinations. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the postures you will learn:

samasthiti, adhomukha-samasthiti (downward facing dog), ūrdhva-mukha (upward facing dog)- samasthiti, śavāsana (the corpse), sukhāsana (the tailor​), brahmāsana, siddhāsana, padmāsana
(the lotus), vajrāsana, baddha-konāsana, uttānāsana, pārśva-uttānāsana, vīrabhadrāsana (the hero), utkaṭāsana (the crouching posture), prasārita-pāda- uttānāsana, hastiniṣadana (the elephant​), apānāhsana, ūrdhva-prasrta-pādāsana, nāvāsana (the boat​), jānu-śīrṣāsana, paścimatānāsana (the claw), upaviṣṭa- koṇāsana, tāḍāsana, ardha-utkaṭāsana, ardha- uttanāsana, supta-baddha-koṇāsana, dvipāda-pīṭham (the two-legged table), bhujaṅgāsana (the cobra), śalabhāsana (the grasshopper ), uṣṭrāsana (the camel), dhanurāsana (the bow), cakravākāsana, catuṣpāda-pīṭham (the four-legged table), pūrvatanāsana, daṇḍāsana (the stick), utthita-trikoṇāsana pārśva bedha (the triangle), utthita-pārśva-koṇāsana pārsva bedha, vasiṣṭhāsana, jaṭhara-parivṛtti ardha and parivṛtti (the lying twists), ekapāda-jaṭhara-parivṛtti, ardha-matsyendrāsana (the sitting twist​). 


An adapted and personalised yoga practice is essential to understand and progress in Yoga. 

 Regular one-to-one meetings in order to be assigned a personalised practice that takes into account time, your abilities and your current state of mind are important if yoga is to shed its light on you. 

The combined application of yoga tools offers a new way of looking at oneself. 

Yoga is above all an inner experience.  


Traditional yoga meditation: with mantra, nyāsa (hand placement), bhāvana (visualisation), offering (arcanam), ritual. 

The course includes several group meditations on themes such as gratitude, renewal, light. 

Practitioners will receive rituals and meditations as they would in India.

The recitation of mantras and vedas transforms and raises our inner vibration. 

These texts are thousands of years old and their recitation has not changed through time.

The yogic placement of the breath requires experience and skill. 

It takes time in order to lengthen it without forcing it and to know WHEN and HOW to place its different components. 

These different prāṇāyāma will be taught: 














A theoretical introduction to the practice of mudrā and bandha will be offered at the end of the course. 

The mudrā and bandha are essential tools of Haṭha-Yoga, but already require a commitment to the practice of Yoga and breathing in order to offer their effects.

Such as dhāraṇā, dhyāna, the nyāsa, bhāvana, svādhyāya, adhyayanam, the yama and niyama, etc.

It is only by applying the full range of these tools that Yoga unfolds its potential.


Aviable  on request 

Monthly or annual payments

   60€ discount for enrolments confirmed before 1st of July 2024

10% for young people under 25 *
10% disount for DUO ou + registrations
10% discount for SINGLE parent
10% discount not cumulative

Money shouldn't be a barrier to your commitment and your recovery. Don't hesitate to talk to us if you're having financial difficulties. 

You are free to stop the course at any time, and there are no exit fees.

However, no refunds will be made. 

Please bear this in mind if you opt for annual payment. 

Because authenticity is the most precious gift!


To make sure you get the best possible welcome, we'd like to arrange a personal meeting with you. 

Welcome to THE yoga teacher training!

Let's discuss your background and plans together, and ask us any questions you may have during an interview based on our welcome interview guide (available soon). 

 Length : +-/ 20 minutes

 Online (GOOGLE MEET) or by phone

I contact Philip to arrange my interview:


Contact us

The training The Viniyoga® training offered by MITRA is unique in Belgium and Europe. 
It teaches high-quality yoga derived from a constant dialogue with the pure tradition of Viniyoga®, as represented today by Dr. K. Desikachar.  
It is recognised by KHYF INTERNATIONAL, the worldwide federation of the teachings of T. Desikachar. 
VINIYOGA teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar.
All graduates are eligible for recognition by Viniyoga International - the only official international Viniyoga federation - and, thanks to this, 
by the International Association Yoga of the Indian Ministry!  
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